The Decision to Move to China

I’ve never had much interest in China aside from Chinese food. I grew up with a brother you went to Japan as an exchange student and we had several Japanese exchange students live with our family. My brother ended up serving a mission for our church in Japan and when I was 12, I went with my family for two weeks to pick him up. That’s as close as I come to an interest in or experience with Asia. I took four years of high school Spanish followed by two more years of college Spanish. When I was in college I did a semester abroad in London and traveled briefly to Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and France. I suppose when my husband started looking at jobs in China I should have fulfilled his foreign need by looking for jobs in other English, or possibly even Spanish speaking countries. But my husband, who studied German in high school and a little in college applied for a job in Beijing, China. This was the second time yet I still pretended like nothing was going to come of this. The interview went well but then we didn’t hear anything for a few weeks.

Then we did hear. They’d sent the job offer to an incorrect email address so we had to decide. Quickly.  And we decided yes.  We’re moving to China for two years!!

Here’s my list of posts to write so I don’t forget… and a little sneak peak of what’s to come.


  1. Excitement.
  2. Terror/Panic.
  3. Plans.
  4. Kid questions over and over. Answer: We know nothing about China.
  5. Family size. Height. Hair and Blue eyes.
  6. Finding an apartment.
  7. What to take.
  8. Homeschooling in China.
  9. The church in China.
  10. Friends in China.
  11. Will’s love of China
  12. The annoying passport/Visa process
  13. Things calm down a bit