I realize that on my first post where I list upcoming topics for this blog, excitement is listed second.  Let’s be realistic here for a minute, I think the excitement lasted about half a second and was quickly replaced by fear and terror.  And while I spent the first several weeks feeling a little freaked out and overwhelmed, there was always a little bit of excitement in the background.  But really, for those first few weeks, terror and panic ruled.

Things to worry about:

Air Quality. Wearing masks because the pollution is so bad there are days you shouldn’t go outside.  Everyone made sure to tell us about this.

None of us speak Mandarin.  In fact, none of us have any experience with any Asian languages. This includes fear over Chinese characters being everywhere and our inability to read them.

Where will we live? Housing is included with his position, but 1-2 bedroom apartments and there are 6 of us.  They allow for a housing allowance, but how are we going to swing that from here and what can we afford?

There are six of us.  This seems so much more manageable if I don’t have to worry about losing four kids everywhere I go.

Two years!!!! It sounds a lot better if you think of it as two school years which is technically only 21 months or so.

It’s exactly 12 hours ahead of us in Ohio right now.

The flight is … I don’t even want to figure out how long.  It’s so far away.  It’s next to North Korea. It’s a communist country.  I could go on and on.

We probably won’t have a clothes dryer.  We might not have an oven.  Etc.

How will we get around? We won’t have a car.  We don’t fit in a taxi, plus the drivers don’t speak English.  The bus signs are only written in characters.  We need a driver like Ranjit on How I Met Your Mother. The subway it is. :/

Really, just a lot of questions and unknowns.  It didn’t help that everyone we told then launched into all of their own concerns or questions that we couldn’t answer.


One thought on “Terror/Panic

  1. No ovens in Japan, either, but somehow you could make cakes in your microwave. I’m not sure how or why that would work, but it did! So be sure to look into that. (Our microwave actually had a button with a picture of a cake on it, and you just pushed that– like a popcorn button or something.)

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