Even with all the stress from the logistics and all the worrying because this is such a huge move, it’s still pretty exciting.  I’m excited to go to the Great Wall of China.  This is something I’ve always thought would be really cool to see, but I never imagined I’d actually get to see it.  Even in my wildest dreams, any travel abroad I thought about was mostly in Europe. 

I’m sort of treating this whole adventure as just that, an adventure.  It helps deal with the craziness of moving to China for two years to think of it as an adventure.  A vacation of sorts.  Thinking of it that way also helps me realize we don’t need to take nearly as many of our belongings as I keep thinking we’ll need.  It’ll be a great opportunity for our kids (and hopefully B and I) to pick up on some Chinese which I suspect will be very beneficial for our futures. 

We won’t be living in the Ex-patriot, American/western neighborhood.  While this is a little scary, I’m happy about it.  I want to experience China.  Beijing.  I don’t want to experience a mini-America in China.  Although I realize even the American neighborhood is probably nothing like America.

We won’t be nearly as adventurous in China as we are in the United States.  We bypassed several vaccines that were recommended (not required) do to questioning the need for it (in Beijing), or the side-effects of it, so there are certain provinces we won’t visit.  And we’re going to stick to big cities.  This would probably happen anyway because the bigger the city, the better off a bunch of non-Chinese speakers will be.

We do plan to travel around Asia some.  Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam.  B is hoping we can fit in Australia or New Zealand.  We’ll see…  We recently saw The Hangover Part II on TV and that has me pretty convinced to avoid Thailand (at least Bangkok) for now. I never pictured myself a world traveler, and these two years might be it for us, but it sure is going to be an exciting adventure, no matter how scary it is as well.


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