Finding an Apartment

Where to live. This was probably the biggest stress for me. I can’t even begin to describe the relief I felt… how much more doable this move has become once we found out B’s school would provide us with a 4 bedroom apartment on campus. This is a huge blessing! Initially we knew that they provided faculty apartments, but were told that these were all 1-2 bedrooms. The alternative was the school would give us a set amount of money to rent our own apartment. That seemed okay, but completely impossible. Living close to the school is a huge plus, but it’s not in the American part of town and it’s no where near church. And I have no idea how we would have gone about trying to rent an apartment in Beijing from the United States when we don’t speak any Chinese. When B got the email from the woman he’s been dealing with for all his paperwork at the school telling him that she had just found out that we were getting her 4 bedroom apartment, huge waves of relief swept over me. We can do this.


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