The Annoying Passport/Visa Process

Now that we are here and it is over, I don’t even want to think about the hassle anymore. Then again, we are going tomorrow to some Chinese government office for our 12 month visas and we might have to travel back to the States over the summer which wasn’t in our plan. So I guess it’s not over yet.

Getting passports was easy enough (except for B who needed a new birth certificate). Squirt needed a new birth certificate for his visa application. All the kids’ birth certificates (and my marriage certificate) needed to get certified, Princess Sparkley and Buddy’s needed an extra step to prove that the signature on their birth certificates was certifiable. This required mailing important documents, quickly, all over the country because they had to be certified in their state of origins capital. Plus, Buddy and Princess Sparkley’s had to go to their county of origin first. This was stressful, expensive (Luckily, a huge chunk of it will be reimbursed) and took forever. Then we had to mail them to a document processor in D.C., then China, then get them back and mail them to a document processor in New York. Some of this happening as we traveled across the country to California.


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