What to bring

You’ll notice by the date that I feel behind on getting this blog blogged and launched before we actually arrived in China. So, now, we’re in China and I’m going to try to hurry up and get caught up on the posts that I planned to write… then I’ll get to the good stuff, our life in China.

You wouldn’t believe the lists I made of what to bring. And the different people we talked to that told us what to bring. Basically, we brought our kids current clothes and clothes for Little Guy and Squirt to grow into. We made sure to buy big sizes for Princess Sparkley and Buddy so hopefully they’ll last while we are here. We also brought a huge supply of diapers, baby wipes, food pouches, tampons, medicine, some toiletries, etc. The kids built a bunch of Lego sets, and dismantled them into plastic bags with their instruction booklets. We brought some games (SkipBo, Set, Uno, Phase Ten, Sleeping Queens, Feed the Kitty, etc.) and bought some new ones for the plane ride. We brought a few physical books (mostly so that if the Kindle batteries ran out on the airplane we’d have back up books which it turns out we didn’t need to do because most of our planes had charging locations under the seat). We paid half on Kindle Fires with all three big kids. We stocked up on some school workbooks for the year. We brought a few other toys (rainbow loom and rubberbands, cars, airplanes, Star Wars figures, etc.) I was told to bring antibiotics, didn’t really know how to pull that off. We basically brought the toiletries we are currently using plus one or two refills. If I thought it would be hard to find (B’s face soap, my face lotion, etc.) we brought a few extra. I’m sure there will be some things we didn’t need to bring at all and something we’ll regret not packing.


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