Blue Sprite.  It’s minty. Bleh.

One of our new favorites: +C and after reading about it online, there’s a +C Honey I need to find since my dad and I were obsessed with Honey Lemon soda on our 1990 Japan trip.

Beibingyang (Arctic Ocean) soda: flavors are (from R to L), orange, tangerine, and death (or, as they call it, plum). We like orange best, it reminds me a little bit of Cactus Cooler.

Most soda cans here have the old pop tab that comes off.

There are also some yummy juices.  Peach juice looks gross but is good.  Kiwi juice is okay.  Tropicana has varieties of juice mixes.  I like one that is peach/cherry/? and there are others that are similar and quite tasty.

There are news stands quite frequently on our block (or small shops) so we’ll go pick up a soda or an ice cream bar every once in awhile/every day.


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