Random Shots from Around the Neighborhood

 Walking past our building on a rainy day.
The west gate of campus is the main gate.  B’s building that he teaches in is to the left in this picture. Past the red diamonds is the street (Yuquanlu) and the building across the way is on the other side of the street.  Not sure what it is, mall/condos/?. The little gray building next to the buses on the left is the mailroom.
Guy playing a little flute.  I’ve seen him here twice now.  This ones for you, Angela.
In front of the baby store by our grocery store.  PS loved Miffy when she was a toddler.  There are also statues for some hunter and bear cartoon that is big here.  And Transformers, but there will be more about that later.

Sitting at the base of the red diamonds on B’s campus waiting to go to the visa office one day.

 At Dairy Queen.  Tuna Hot Dog and Mashed Potato Hot Dog.

Teeny tiny whipped cream at a grocery store one subway stop and a long walk away called Carrefour.

Bulk M&Ms in little pyramid shaped packages with about 6 candies per package.  And they don’t have peanut butter and chocolate candies here! :(!!


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