Riding the Subway to Church

The Beijing Subway Map
We live on line 1 (red), way out to the left a few stops from the end near Yuquanlu (You-chwon-loo) station.  To get to church we have to take the red line from Yuquanlu to Fuxingmen (Foo-shing-men).  There we transfer to line 2 (blue) and take it up and over (to avoid the downtown part of line 1 which gets crazy crowded) to Dongzhimen (Dong-dgee-men).  From there we take 13 (yellow) for one stop to Liufang (Lou-fong). Here’s a Beijing map of it all:

It takes about an hour and a half from door to door.  Squirt hates it.  And so far, the subway has been crowded and so full of stairs that it’s actually easier to not take the stroller, which is sort of a pain.

From last week, 9/21: These are all taken on our last train which is empty when we get on it so we all got seats.

B captured this on an earlier train that was much more crowded.  Usually people will quickly give up a seat for a parent with Squirt and sometimes for the other kids as well.  That’s been really nice.

From this week, 9/28, B has to work (in order to get a week off starting October 1 for China’s National Day) so I was on my own with the kids.

We’re pretty famous on the subway since there are four kids and they are all light-haired but Squirt is super popular.  He gets his pictures taken several times on the way to and from church.  Some selfies with Chinese ladies.  Some people know enough English to ask.  Sometimes I can just see the reflection of the phone screen of the people across the aisle and I can see that they are taking his picture.

Our first Sunday, while walking through the station to the third train we started to see Americans dressed for church and followed them.  It was an English teaching group associated with BYU-I. Now we are the people to follow.  This Sunday and last Sunday, vacationers ran into us and asked to follow us to church.  It seems like most members drive cars/taxis to church but there are a handful of us that take the subway.


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