Laoshan Park


 We walked (a long walk, about 5 miles round trip) to Laoshan Park since it was such a nice day. The 2008 Olympic mountain bike stuff happened here.

 There was a STEEP hill to a lookout tower.

If you ask for his teethy smile, this is what you get. Love it!

CCTV Tower in the distance.

You can see a pagoda on top of one of the mountain peaks.  In person, you could see layer after layer of mountains.

We think that whitish part of the mountain range might be The Great Wall.  It’s in that direction and on those mountains, we just aren’t sure if it’s actually visible from this tower or not.

The Velodrome from indoor bike racing at the 2008 Olympics. And the ferris wheel from Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park which is a knock-off Disneyland on our side of town.

Then we walked through Wanda Plaza, and a roundabout way home to eat at Subway (next to which, Little Guy got to pee in an alley!).


B loves Subway and it came up in one of his classes but the Chinese don’t really eat sandwiches like we do, so some of his students were unaware of it or don’t really have a taste for it.  So we stopped and he had me take a picture of him eating a Subway sandwich for his class.  The menu appeared to be mostly the same (maybe a simpler version).  The woman luckily spoke some English because it became difficult to order and have our sandwiches fixed while gesturing over a sneeze guard.  While B took Little Guy to the bathroom, the employee and her friend picked up Squirt and took turns taking pictures with him.  He was a good sport.

These aren’t BBQ flavored chips, they are BBQ meat flavored chips.  They aren’t the same and I don’t really like this style.  B’s okay with it.


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