Out Shopping


A few years ago a friend in Virginia introduced B and I to a Japanese gel pen made by a company called Muji.  A few weeks ago I realized that being so close to Japan, I might have a better chance of finding these awesome pens.  It turns out there is a Muji store two subway stops (Wanshoulu station) closer to town than we live in CapitaMall (which we discovered later is one of two CapitaMalls within a couple blocks of each other).  And Muji stores are awesome.

It was the malls two year anniversary so they had this giant “2nd Anniversary” sign outside. We took advantage of it also being Squirt’s 2nd year.


I talked the kids into this trip by telling them it was near the CCTV tower (tallest structure in Beijing) so we’d have a better view of it.  It turned out to be a sort of long walk from the mall, and this is as close as we got before we ran out of time and had to turn back to return home for my interview with a local reporter. (More on that later.)

 I rewarded them with ice cream from our favorite newsstand down the street from home (and a candy bar for Squirt).  This all cost 20 yuan, or about $3.30.  And we got followed by a hotel parking lot guard who was an older gentleman who wanted to continually chat with me in Chinese about how many kids I had.  We walked about 200 feet and stopped to take these pictures and he came over and tried to talk to us more.


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