Wanda Plaza


I’m not seeing this post anywhere else, so I must have skipped blogging about it on accident.

After living here a few weeks we came across the information that there was a large mall one subway stop (and a long walk) away and that in this mall was a Carrefour.  Carrefour is supposedly a more western friendly grocery store.  It really seems like a larger version of a Chinese grocery store (more food, more appliances, etc.), sort of like a Chinese Walmart or Target.  Not really full of western foods like I had hoped.

I wasn’t expecting a western style mall, but it was.  There’s a large department store (Wanda Department Store) and lots of smaller, nice shops as well as restaurants.  There are two malls near where Princess Sparkley goes to her leader’s apartment for Young Womens and another mall nearby we discovered later.  This seems to be the make up of Chinese malls.  The bottom level is a parking garage, then a grocery store and some fast food type Chinese restaurants.  Then stores on the next several levels (malls are usually 4-6 stories), and on the top level, fancier restaurants and sometimes businesses like a spa, etc.


This sign in just two inches above B’s head.

Walking back to Babaoshan subway station.

Really large streets have these little fences so you can’t cross wher

This is a later trip to Wanda Plaza.  The McDonald’s with a tunnel drive-through isn’t really nearby.  We started out on a walk with the idea of eating at one place and then decided to walk to the Pizza Hut in Wanda Plaza.

This is at Wanda Plaza.  We’ll have to give them a try sometime.

ever you want.


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