Exploring the Chaoyang Park area

On October 2, PS’s leader from church invited the girls over for a movie night with pizza.  Unfortunately, this leader lives even further than where the activities are normally held, and not really close to a subway stop, so by the end of the night, we vowed never again.

All of us went figuring B, the boys and I would explore the neighborhood which PS was at her activity.  There is a large park nearby (with an amusement park that we weren’t going to visit this time) but we couldn’t figure out how to just get into the park and not the amusement park.  We walked toward the other entrance and got side tracked by an awesome building, a restaurant where we had yummy Chinese pancakes, and a store catering to westerners called Jenny Lou’s.  Then we just headed back to get PS and let the boys play and the gated apartment complexes playground while we waited for her to be finished.  6-7 hours later we returned home.  Bleh.

We ate at a yummy Beijing pancake restaurant.  Being on the east side of town, we expected the restaurant staff to speak a little English.  No such luck.  We ordered these crepe like pancakes and then a few dishes to put inside.  One was spinach and eggs.  The other was pork and tofu.  It was all delicious.  We also had yummy steamed broccoli. Our drink was the pulpiest orange juice I’ve ever had.

At Jenny Lou’s we found vanilla, marshmallows (Squirt’s favorite) and Honey +C.*

*When I went to Japan as a kid, there was a honey-lemon soda that my dad and I loved.  I was hoping to find this to see if it was similar.  I liked it.  B thought it was too much like cough medicine.  They boys liked it.


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