Field Day and an Explanation of the National Day Holiday

B’s teaching schedule is a little more like a college schedule (for the students as well).  Instead of being in class for 7 hours a day, or whatever, with a prep period, he teaches four 45 minute classes per day and the periods when he isn’t teaching are times when he’s at his desk working.  The students have the same schedule as far as having free periods during the day during which they can study, etc.  What’s weird is his schedule changes from day to day.  So he might teach class A at 8AM on Monday but at 11AM on Tuesday and 2PM on Wednesday.  The daily schedule is the same in that Mondays schedule is identical each week but Monday is always different than Tuesday, etc.  Also, in order to make up holidays or days off, there are weeks when B has to teach on Saturdays or Sundays.  This happened during Golden Week (which B’s students tell him no one calls it this).  Golden week starts Oct. 1 and is the celebration (65th anniversary this year) of the communist party taking charge.  It’s the National Day, like our Fourth of July, but it starts on October 1 and lasts a week.  We were told EVERYONE would have the week off.  And there were a lot of smaller businesses (ie: the news stand down the street where we buy our soda and popsicles) that did shut down for the week.  But everything else seemed to function like normal, except B had the time off so we took advantage and explored Beijing.

National Day week started on a Wednesday this year so on Sunday, September 28 B had to work.  He also has to work tomorrow, Saturday, October 11. This is in order to get October 1-7 of.  It doesn’t quite make sense, but oh well.

Sunday, the 28th, after his school day, there was a “mandatory” field day for the students and faculty.  We went over to the field and watched the games for a little bit.


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