Jingshan Park


Due to the craziness of the holiday (and having been told that travel would be extra crowded) we avoided subway line 1 and started our day on a bus to a different subway line.

Jingshan Park is a public park next to the Forbidden City.  It used to be an Imperial Garden.

Notice Little Guy photo bombing the picture of Buddy and I.
As you can see, bad air days make for not very good landscape pictures.

The center picture on the right is a crowd taking Squirt’s picture.  He was almost a bigger attraction than the attraction. We even had our entire family’s picture taken with various Chinese people.  And when we asked someone to take this family picture, lots of people were also taking our picture.


 We then walked from here (passing the Forbidden City) to Tiananmen Square stopping along the way to buy Chinese flags, Chinese flag heart stickers and dinner.

Walking past the Forbidden City.
We tried to get Little Guy to stand next to this woman in gold and black because they were about the same height.  And a family stopped us to take a picture of Buddy with their similarly aged son.
We had okay food at the top corner restaurant on the way to Tiananmen Square, B tried this “fruit pancake” which was neither fruit nor pancake and was gross, and Squirt loved the Chinese flag.

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