National Day – October 1

We thought about going to Tiananmen Square for the National Day parade but everything we’d heard was about how incredibly crowded it would be which might not be great for little kids in addition to line one, the subway line out by us that also goes under Tiananmen Square, being partially closed.  This would mean we’d have to walk really far.  Plus, with all the demonstrations going on in Hong Kong right now, I was a little worried about craziness breaking out.  I’m sort of sad we missed it since nothing ended up happening, and it was the 65th anniversary which will be a bigger celebration than next year’s 66th if we decide to go.  Oh well, we watched parts of it on TV.  Then we walked down the street to the grocery store to see what was open.  The street was lit up for the holiday.  We stopped in Happy Baby Store and bought some non-screen games for the kids including chess, Go (we have an entire TV channel that only shows Go strategy all day and all night) and a couple tubes of plastic animals as well as some Chinese baby books.


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