Sunny Park


Monday, B came home from lunch and told us the air quality was great so if we had time, we should get out and take advantage of it.  We have a soccer ball and a basketball but during the day (and a lot of the evening, the ball courts and field are full of students.  Our school shares its campus with an elementary school that has smaller hoops, which is nice for the kids, but those elementary school kids are there playing until dark.  Sometimes past dark.  Since it was still the school day and the fields/courts were full (and maybe getting used for PE) we looked on a map of Beijing we have taped up in the office room and decided to go to Sunny Park, about a mile down Yuquan Rd. from us.

This isn’t really playground equipment.  Parks all over Beijing have this “exercise” equipment.  We were lucky that this park also had a little playground.  And the “band” was a group of people playing Chinese versions of violins and using strollers to hold up their sheet music.  I should have recorded the sounds.

Some fun signs from the park:




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