Tiananmen Square


Tiananmen Square was crowded, but no more than Washington D.C. during the summer, touristy months.  We’ll have to visit again during the day to get better pictures.

 Tiananamen Square has two subway stops, an east and a west.  We asked directions to get to one and were told where it was but that it was closed.  We’d heard rumors all week that parts of line 1 would be closed or that it would be really crowded so we convinced the kids that it wasn’t the end of the world to have to walk one subway stop further.  The good news was that when we got closer, the subway stop was actually open.  But packed.  The first train went by too full to attempt getting on.  We unloaded Squirt from the stroller and B took Squirt and Buddy with him.  Little Guy, Princess Sparkley and I waved goodbye and told them we’d take the next train.  It cleared out a lot after a few stops (hence Little Guy getting a seat) and when we arrived at our station, the others were waiting for us.


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