Yuyuantan Park


On the way home from the zoo we stopped at Yuyuantan Park (just a few subway stops from home) to get a better look at the CCTC Tower.  It’s near a China Millennium Monument (the one with a slanted spire coming off the roof) and the Military Museum (to the left of the Millenium Monument is a building with a spire topped with a star in a circle, this is the Military Museum).

The entry fee to the park was about $1.00 total (2 yuan/adult, 1/yuan per child and they didn’t charge us for Little Guy or Squirt).

The 65 banner in this picture is for the 65th anniversary (the National Day holiday). The time of day was bad for getting a picture of Buddy with the CCTV Tower in the background but we tried.

For 50 yuan ($8.33) we rode a boat across the lake to the other side.  Next time we’ll take the duck boat that blows bubbles out it’s bill.

Then we walked by the CCTV Tower, to a mall (CapitaMall) and had a not very enjoyable noodle dinner at a mid-level noodle place in the mall. We did discover a new orange soda (that was served to us in almost frozen cans) called Ice Peak.


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