Hazardous Air


Wednesday through Saturday night we’ve had HORRIBLE air.  All the way up about 400 and nearly to 500 which is far into the Hazardous range.  The government issued an orange warning which is the 2nd highest warning and closed some major highways in/out of town.  Luckily, B ordered our fancy air purifier and it was delivered Tuesday and Tuesday night he and I walked over to Suning (an electronics store down the street from our grocery store and bought a second, smaller unit for the boys’ room). So we were all set!  We did have to wander out a few times over those days but we wore our air masks and made it quick. Saturday night, some wind blew in and dropped the air way down.

On the left is a 30 day graph of the air quality. On the right is the past 24 hours (at one point, that entire 24 hour graph was in the hazardous area).  The yellow line is near the US Embassy and where church is.  The blue and green lines are out by us.  The purple line is where lots of Americans live, including our friends the As.

Then after four days of this, Saturday night a wind blew in and it dropped really fast.  Yellow is still embassy, green and blue are out by us.  I don’t have the purple Shunyi line graphed here.

Thursday, 10/9 on the left and Sunday morning, 10/12 on the right.

Keeping busy when there is bad air:

We bought a chess board a couple weeks ago.


 And there is an entire tv channel here devoted to this game, Go.  Read about it here.

And here’s Bob modeling Squirt’s air mask so he thinks it’s okay.  He doesn’t.

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