A Variety of Foods

9/30/14  Spring Rolls – a Thai restaurant in the Holiday Inn on Yongding Rd.
10/5/14  Our first street food, a cart in front of CSF at night, similar to this:  Puffed Corn This was our first street food.

Candied Haws or Candied Jujube #5  on this list.  Haven’t tried these yet.

Cotton candy here is white.  I assume it is just sugar flavored, not flavored.

Hot dogs on a stick here are actual hot dogs (a Chinese variety) on a skewer/stick.

A husband and wife team prepare these outside our grocery store each night. This was our 2nd and 3rd street food.

B watches them be made while I run in the grocery store for soda so here’s his description of what they are: Rectangular noodley wrapper, vegetable oil, fried egg, onions, cilantro, peanuts, chili powder, a spicy brown paste, a spicy red sauce, and half a hot dog. Rolled up like a burrito, cut into segments, rolled the other direction, and served in a cup. 

It’s really good, but a few levels of spicy hotter than I can handle.  Eventually I’ll have to figure out how to ask for it less spicy.

Notice the “chopsticks,” basically just skewers.

Update: B asked his students and they say it is called Jian Bing (煎饼 jiānbǐng).  We read about it online, it seems similar, but also different.  We also figured out that the “noodley wrapper” is yuba, a type of tofu skin. This costs ¥6, just under a dollar.  B’s students are outraged that it’s so expensive (used to only be ¥3 or ¥5) and they were really outraged to find out a guy in Chicago is selling them for $8 (or about ¥50).

Newer Update: We remained skeptical about this being Jian Bing since all the descriptions we’ve found of Jian Bing online seem fairly different but we trusted B’s students.  He asked a different class and they told us this is called Kao Leng Mian (考冷面) and this video of it being made looks almost exactly like what we got.




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