Pictures Around Town

Haven’t seen a horse since we’ve lived in China but found this street sign down the street near 4th Ring Road.
Avocados at Walmart!
We had a Peugeot when I was a kid but I haven’t seen one since.
Line 13 of the subway seems to be all above ground.
Line 13.
Stores have random fish in them.  This is Suning, an appliance store near us.
Buddy wanted us to be the air purifier with a hole in it so he could stick his hand in it so we took a picture of this warning.
Lanterns decorating a street for National Day week.
At Happy Baby Store. !!
At our grocery store!!  I discovered Bimbo brand tortillas a few weeks ago but now Mission!  So much better!
This fruit, looks sort of like an apple, is in a plastic container with a screw on lid the exact size of the fruit.  ?!!?
The boys dressed up to cheer the Nationals on to a win.  They lost. 😦
This is what delivers my packages!
At Walmart!!!  We haven’t seen any chocolate/peanut butter candy since arriving in China. (I stocked up.)
The Halloween section of Walmart.

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