A Random Assortment of Pictures that Don’t Really Deserve Their Own Posts

Miracle of all miracles, I actually convinced Squirt to wear his mask to the store on this night so B could read aloud to the big kids.  Not sure what did it but he wore it on the entire walk and handed it to me when we got to the store.

 At the gym of B’s school.

The glass door of the subway says, “Forbid to beam on.” I had to angle the picture so the white Fang.com ad was in the background so it would so up in the picture.


Bad air looking pretty.

While Buddy was waiting for Amazon to replace his Kindle, he was using my US phone.  I found this selfie on it.

A restaurant near our grocery store has women outside all day selling these steamed buns out of containers.  B and I figured out the character for pork and tried to get 6 pork buns.  We got a spinach one I think.  Not very good.

Squirt’s first artwork.  PS held him up and let him draw on the steam on the window.  It’s a sort of smiley face… can’t quite make it out.  The windows steam up when I’m boiling water to do all the dishes.  Bleh.


Yuba, the noodley base of Kao Leng Mian that is actually tofu skin.  Found it at the store.

 Squirt/PS selfie.


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