Girls’ Shopping Trip


I recently found out that there are Old Navy locations in China, but only in Shanghai so far.  But that made me realize Old Navy might have a Chinese website (cheaper than ordering from the US and clothes that I’m more familiar with) and they do!  They don’t carry extra tall mens’ clothes, but I was able to order a few long sleeved shirts for the kids as the weather starts cooling down.  Like in the US, Old Navy and Gap share a website which brought to my attention the fact that there are Gaps here in Beijing.  They are super expensive, but the website had a cool GAP Beijing shirt on clearance I wanted to get Buddy.  It was sold out so when Princess Sparkley and I planned a Girls’ Trip to The Pearl Market (looking for Halloween supplies), we stopped at a mall at the Xidan subway stop on line 1 and checked out their Gap.  No shirt, but a huge, fancy mall.

The Hongqiao Pearl Market

It’s at the same subway stop as the Temple of Heaven and I’d heard that this is where people in the branch have found Halloween costumes, etc. in the past so PS wanted to check it out.  Unfortunately this is the only picture I got.  The market originated (as the name suggests) as a pearl market. The top floor and many other locations throughout the building are different pearl sellers.  PS hated it.  Not the pearls, but the Chinese sellers.  It was basically like the Chinese restaurant at the food court in every mall in the 90s who are so in your face about buying their food, you go way out of your way to not walk in front of their store.  This was the Pearl Market.  And I’ve actually heard that compared to some of the other markets around town, the sellers here are way more relaxed.  PS hated it.  It wasn’t so bad but she’d get mad if I slowed down to look at stuff as I went past because that got the sellers excited.  We did actually end up buying a blanket/throw.  We needed something for the living room to curl up under when we watch movies, etc. The woman tried to sell it to me for some crazy price, so I haggled my first price.  The woman had told me 245 Yuan (just over $40) and that she would normally charge 450 Yuan. I told her no. She asked me a price, I said 60 Yuan ($10). She told me no. I walked away. She called me back and gave it to me for 60 Yuan. I wasn’t even really trying to haggle, I just didn’t want it that badly and definitely not for that much.  The place was full of Chinese souvenirs and cheap kid soccer jerseys, so I’m sure we’ll go back.

A few weeks later, PS and I were across town for a pumpkin carving youth activity and afterwards we went in the mall by the subway stop Qingnianlu.  The mall was HUGE and had a Lego store and a Toys R Us.  We didn’t even know these stores existed in China.  Very exciting for the kids.


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