Nanluoguxiang Hutong


To start, I’ll define hutong (pronounced: who-tong).  They are narrow streets/alleys, mostly in northern China and Beijing.  This one we visited was much more polished than the historic ones but still fun and filled with yummy food shops and other cute shops.  There is one in Beijing that is only about 14 inches wide at its narrowest point.  We plan to visit some more, make a unit out of it for school.

The purpose in visiting this specific hutong was in search of a stuffed animal Snowy (Tintin’s dog) in order to complete Squirt’s Halloween costume.  I read about Tintin and China online and found out that Tintin is pretty popular here, maybe because two off the comic books are set in China.  There is even a bar named the Lotus Blue (similar to one of the comics).  One of the blogs mentioned how easy it was to find Tintin stuff in China and they named this hutong as a spot to find memorabilia and another market as a place to shop for the books.  We started here and crossed our fingers.

We’ve seen women wearing these hats with antlers all over Beijing.

PS wanted a picture to show cousin Pickles.

There were at least two of these churro places, maybe three.

 A lot of the crowd had dispersed by the time I had my camera ready.


Success!  We’d gotten off line 6 at the Nanluoguxiang station and headed down the street.

At the end, it sort of tapered off rather than continuing straight so we turned left which seemed to have a few more shops than right.  I bought the kids juices/sodas and then we spotted this store filled only with stuffed animals.  I walked around slowly not wanting to miss Snowy.  I didn’t see him anywhere.  I’d loaded a Google search of Tintin and Snowy on my phone so I showed this to a clerk.  She walked to a specific location, moved some toys around and pulled our a Snowy!  Woo hoo! Squirt held it like this for several Chinese people wanting to take his picture too.  Made me smile.


PS bought dangly panda earrings and these mouse ear hair clips.

I think this is her favorite place in China so far.


This was in the subway station.  The kids thought it was hilarious.

It’s a stand alone wall segment with two doors.

PS showing off her mouse ears and panda earrings.


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