Someone at church mentioned that the Fragrant Hills was a great place to go for fall foliage in Beijing.  We talked about going but when it came time to map it out, it’s two hours on a bus even though it’s only probably 25 minutes driving. I ended up taking the kids to a different park area, closer than the Fragrant Hills (under an hour on a bus and a lot of that was traffic near the park).  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much fall foliage to see on the day we were there.

The Fragrant Hills is the very top of the green area on the map, we went to the red point, Badachu.

It was a beautiful, clear day.  We could see all the way downtown to the tallest office buildings in Beijing, about 16-20 miles away.

Ba means eight, so Badachu means “Eight Great Sites.”

We didn’t see it all.  There were a lot of really steep hills and the kids didn’t have it in them to keep going, especially when we weren’t really sure exactly what we were heading towards.  If it was really cool, maybe we would have kept at it, but we didn’t know.

There are cable cars so we plan to come back when I’m carrying more cash and with B someday.

Next time we’ll try the whole, “tie a ribbon to a tree for a wish” thing too.


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