Random Pictures

Picture 1: Escalator warning pictures inside an elevator on B’s campus.
Picture 2: the Christmas tree in B’s building.
Picture 3: Apparently, the students didn’t really get dressing-up for Halloween but it turns out they dress-up for New Year’s. And the majority of the costumes are military with realistic guns.
Picture 4: The group of students B mentors were supposed to pick out a costume for him.  He showed up at work the day of the carnival and his costume was this pink wig.  Visitors from other Chinese schools lined up to have their pictures taken with him.  The teachers/staff of the other schools.
Picture 5: The school had a carnival for their New Year’s celebration.  There were some fun rides set up on the field but it was super frigid that day and each ride had a long long line so we skipped it.
Picture 6: For some reason, a lot of shrubs/bushes had these wooden frames built around them for the winter and then were covered with tarp.
Picture 7: B and I took Buddy with us on a trip to Sam’s Club so he can be my GPS/navigator on future trips.  We found this giant stuffed dog.


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