Crazy China

Top left: Princess Sparkley now goes to Young Women’s activities at the Tuanjiehu subway stop on line 10.  It has the tallest escalator I’ve seen here in China.  To walk up it, it’s 7 sets of steps.  I think that’s 12 steps per section.  The first time we went to an activity here a few months ago, the escalator was broken.  Luckily, it’s been working on each subsequent visit.

Bottom left: I love that all the escalators have signs saying to take care of Oldsters. 🙂

Top right: A sign on a second story mall wall looking down to a lower level says “No high rise littering.”

Middle right: We found a giant bookstore at the Xidan subway stop (line 1), the Beijing Books Building.  The basement has a decent English language kids’ section.  They tied our purchases up with string.

Bottom right: Fake spring blossom lights on a tree near our house.


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