The Muxiyuan Fabric Market

A friend at church started a craft night on the last Friday of every month and the upcoming one was for our daughters to make drawstring backpacks.  She told me how much fabric I’d need to get and I requested a field trip to the fabric market I’d heard so much about.

The fabric market is at the Dahongmen stop (line 10). I met two friends there and they helped me get the fabric I needed then I tagged along while they did some more shopping. It was pretty cool. Entire little shops/stalls full of only buttons, or only zippers, etc. Apparently everything is much cheaper here so I’ll have to stock up on some fabrics before we move back to the States.

These little buses were adorable. This is the only time I’ve ever seen anything like them.  Not sure what they are for.

Princess Sparkley’s finished drawstring backpack:


2 thoughts on “The Muxiyuan Fabric Market

  1. Our trash people come and get it from the front of the house. I’ve never seen anyone going through it. Although I’ve been told they do. They just wait until they are outside of viewing range.

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