Wonton Soup

Since living in China, we haven’t really found any of our favorite “Chinese foods” here that we are used to in the US.  No orange chicken. No crab rangoon.  No egg foo yung.  This stuff may or may not exist here, but we haven’t come across it.  We’ve barely even found egg rolls.  The other day, B and I went grocery shopping on a Saturday and went out to lunch at Wanda Plaza where we found a restaurant called… Chengdu Snacks, or something like that. I had wonton soup!  Yum!

Other food discoveries:

When we first arrived in Beijing McDonalds had pineapple, apple, taro and a chocolate with white filling pies.  The chocolate and apple ones were apparently promotional.  And apple is back!  We had apple pies delivered for Pi Day (3/14/15).

Throat lozenges.  The red box is gross.  These are sort of flavorless, which is weird, but better than red. The 7-Eleven by church has orange, we’ll have to try those next.

 PS made Oreo yogurt popsicles.

This is apparently a melon.  We haven’t tried it yet.  It’s the size of an apple.


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