Church Relief Society Party- Chinese style


For our Relief Society Birthday party at church, one of the Chinese women somehow arranged a building at Olympic Forest Park with some traditional Chinese performances. As the planning went further, they decided to invite families since there would be a magician the kids would enjoy. Bet none of you have this exciting of a Relief Society birthday activity!

Olympic Forest Park is pretty far north of downtown Beijing. It’s near the Bird’s Nest but we were too tired to walk further to see it. We went to the South Gate Forest Park subway stop (line 8) and then walked further north.

Our building had a little balcony over the water and a broken down bicycle that didn’t stop the kids from riding it.

Four different people performed martial arts… dances.  A woman played a Chinese zither. There was a magician who did traditional magic tricks. Before the show started, there was massage and something where they poked your ear and attached stickers to massage for a week (I was told it was painful, so we skipped that).


Then a Chinese dragon dance!

Squirt loved the lions dancing, not so much standing next to the lions.  PS and I didn’t realize we were accidentally being photo-bombed.

Afterwards, the Relief Society president sent out pictures taken by a photographer that was there. The two top, right hand pictures are the W family, the other homeschooling family in our branch.

Playing a Relief Society trivia themed hot potato game.

A few videos:

Walking back to the subway park through the beautiful park with all the trees starting to blossom. We walked with the Ws.


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