This is the trash “dump” for our neighborhood. The red building to the left, that’s our building. We live in the far corner you can’t see though. The little carts in front of the “dump,” garbage trucks. I’m not sure how trash works in all of Beijing, but for our building, there are three, normal-sized trash cans (like the smaller neighborhood ones we had in the 80s before the giant green ones took over) outside our main apartment door.  On is for recycling, one for kitchen waste, one for other.  As far as I can tell, we are the only people that pay attention to the labels. When we first moved in we had no idea where to throw away our trash because, it’s a big building, we were looking for a large dumpster. A few times a day a guy walks (or sometimes it’s attached to a bicycle, I think) a cart in and sort through all the garbage by hand. I try not to think about this too much because 1) what a horrible job!! and 2) someone is literally sorting through everything we throw away. Then the trash comes to this facility where… I have no idea what they do… squish it down? It smells bad, but it’s not like they are burning it or anything.


One thought on “Garbage

  1. Our trash people come and get it from the front of the house. I’ve never seen anyone going through it. Although I’ve been told they do. They just wait until they are outside of viewing range.

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