Riding the Subway and Around Town


Riding the subway to and from church on 4/26/15. Top picture: some girls scooted over to make a spot for Squirt. They talked to B a little in broken English and took lots of pictures of Squirt.  Bottom left: Princess Sparkley got a Friend magazine off the free table at church and read it on the way home. Bottom right: Little Guy conveniently maneuvers himself to be the first one off the train.

Top left: Cheese, this grocery store is a bus ride away. Divide by 6 for USD prices.

Top middle: For several days/weeks this spring, these cotton seeds were snowing down on us and then whirwinding around on the sidewalks.

Top right: Sign cleaning.

Bottom right: More cheese.

Bottom middle: deodurant… super hard to find here and there isn’t much variety.

Bottom right: Gas canisters getting delivered to restaurants.


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