Paris Baguette

My favorite bakery in town is Paris Baguette (which we were excited to find out exists in the US too!). Initially, our closest one was at Wanda Plaza (a bus ride or one subway stop plus a long walk away). Then it closed! But luckily, it opened even closer to us, near our second closest grocery store (Unimart) on Yongding Rd.

The donuts are my favorite, they are delicious and filled with actual cream (as opposed to whipped butter which is what most Chinese bakeries fill their pastries with).

They also have delicious sandwiches, my new favorite is a tuna fish with hard boiled eggs in it.

There is also a piece of bread with egg salad in it, folded in half with bacon wrapped around it and then cooked/grilled. Mmmm… so good.

Lately, they’ve had “bagels,” which are really more like a bread roll shaped like a bagel, but still… it’s the closest bagel I’ve got. In this picture, Simon is eating his “donut” which is actually a cinnamon raisin bagel.


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