A Beautiful Day at Yuyuantan Park with the Kids


The air and weather was absolutely beautiful so we decided to go to our closest big park (at least that we know of), Yuyuantan Park, just four subway stops towards town.

After paying to get into the park (2 yuan for me, 1 yuan for the three big kids, totaling less than one US dollar) by motioning the the kids with me and letting the ticket lady figure out how much I owed her, we started at this kid park. My thinking was that it would be cheap like admittance to the park, it wasn’t. I paid 20 yuan per kid, just less than $7 USD, (only Little Guy and Squirt were little enough for this section which was a small playground, the little car riding area and a weird trampoline). There were other sections (bumper cars, climbing tunnels like you’d find at a US fast food restaurant) but it all looked sort of run down and not really worth any admittance fee. Little Guy and Squirt had fun for a little big, but it was sort of weird.

This park is near the CCTV (Central Radio & TV Tower) which is the tallest building on our side of town.

You can barely see the swimmers in this picture. The right hand picture shows a ledge that is where they jump in and store their towels and other belongings, including giant buckets of clean water they dump all over their bodies after exiting the lake.


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