Around Town

The top two are photo shops near us. I took them to remember which shops took passport pictures but thought it might be fun to share them here too. The far right is Yongheking, B’s new favorite China fast food restaurant. Although it would be nice if more of their menu was pictures… we just have point at the ad for what we want (which is a rice bowl with a spicy shredded chicken on top).

The far right picture is hard to see… it’s just a Chinese woman on the subway wearing an outfit that clashes so badly… but in China, patterns go with patterns and so she’s probably the height of fashionable. She has on a bicycle print shirt with flower print pants and it seems like her shoes were interesting too.

The bottom right picture is a teacher vs. student baseball game B played in.

Above that, a matchy couple. Couples (usually romantic, but sometimes friends or mother/daughter) wear matching t-shirts all the time.

 Top right: Weird bus/truck

Top left: this little trailer by us is always closed but one morning we saw it was open and serving breakfast.

Bottom left: Children’s Day holiday… we made the mistake of going to the Happy Baby Store to buy the boys remote control cars

Bottom right: Spotted a shaved ice restaurant at a mall in the Sanlitun neighborhood.

 Toys at Joy City Mall at the Qingnianlu stop on line 6.


Food finds… except the top right, western toilets for sale in our neighborhood alley market shops. It didn’t even strike me until later that they were western toilets which is extra odd.

Top left: a girl crouching on the floor in the crowded subway.

Top middle: “fashionable” guy

Top right: Strange scissor lift thing

Bottom left: The girl next to Squirt and the guy in front of her are wearing completely matching outfits (shirt and capri sweats)

Bottom middle: Crowded transfer from line 1 to line 10.

Bottom right: lining up on the subway platform


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