Bad Air

The air was building up to hazardous for a few days, and by 12/1 it was over 600. I had to go out for some groceries and toilet paper.

 All the right hand pictures are 12/1 (around 11AM). Top two pictures are taken from the 13th floor of our building. The top picture is facing east toward Beijing. The clear picture was taken on Sept. 3, 2015 when factories were shutdown for weeks and they were limiting how many cars could drive in Beijing for the Victory parade that day. You can see the tallest building in Beijing, about 18 km away. The middle picture is looking west toward the hills on June 11, 2015. The bottom picture is off our sun porch toward the school’s field/stadium.

 Fuxing Road/Chang’an Avenue, top looking west, bottom looking east toward the city, one block east of the Yuquanlu subway stop. June 2 and December 1.

We took a picture of my nephew’s Flat Stanley “enjoying” the air.


Look at the color coded forecast… red and purple and then

all the greens mean good air is coming soon!

Some links about Beijing’s Air:

Then a breeze blew in that night. It was just a light breeze, but even when I glanced outside around midnight (having seen how gross it was as late as 8 or 9), I was shocked at how clear it was already. And the next morning… beautiful. Below, around 7 or 8 AM on 12/1 and then on 12/2.

Someone did a time lapse of it:


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