China Life

 Window cleaning the student dorms just across from us.

All the cafeteria remodeling was a month of straight jack-hammering and even 5-6 stories below, it sounded like it was just downstairs.

 A jumbo blue screen of death.



 B’s description of this picture: I went out with my wife and Princess Sparkley for PS’s birthday breakfast. Then, as I was walking to work, I saw this guy coming up the alley. I had to make it look like I was just texting or something as I walked by. Usually my pictures like that end up terrible, but this one is PERFECT! Notice how his face is out of the frame, but his underwear-and-dress-shoes outfit is crystal clear? I texted it to my wife immediately.


This is our street. It’s lined with little “restaurants.” These are mostly hole in the wall, hot plates in the corner type places. Every morning, the workers prep the vegetables on the sidewalk out front. We rarely eat in this strip and I try to imagine that everywhere else is much cleaner about their food prep. Right?

We don’t walk west on our street very often. Once it crosses Yuquan, it becomes Lugu Road. It’s further out of town, there are less shops we’d go to (grocery stores, bakeries, etc.) There’s a BBQ place, Time Difference Coffee (a restaurant/coffee shop with a slight western menu) and Subway (the sandwich shop). But not much else unless you take a bus much further to Wanda Plaza, etc. B and I decided one Saturday morning to check out an alley market we’d seen before. It turns out it’s full of animals. I assume for pets, but maybe food (?) … normal animals like cats, gerbils, puppies, turtles, fish but also a black squirrel, chipmunks, exotic looking birds, etc. Across from it is a building, in the basement is plants, flowers and aquariums full of fish, jelly fish, etc.


Cheetos, but beef or chicken flavored. Bleh.

 B’s decided to only eat dark chocolate. They sell 66% Dove bars nearly everywhere but he’s been on a quest to find higher and higher percentages. He thought this one was delicious.


I love candy… but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $7 on these.

 An add on the subway… I think it is ice cream or yogurt,

depending on the temperature at which you store it.

 Flush Frie Hydrant

Princess Sparkley rode the subway to the line 1/line 4 junction where she met up with the WIs and traveled south to the 2nd Ikea and 1st Old Navy with them. There she found alien head gummies.  And a cute baby onesie.


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