China Life

Our subway got a little crowded on the way to PS’s church activity one week.

 At the Tiantandongmen subway stop on line 5, there’s this cool stairway Buddy liked.

 PS’s dream… a library book vending machine.

 This is the first drinking fountain I’ve ever seen in China. It’s on a line 15 subway platform.


 B and I were walking in a neighborhood near Ping’anli subway stop (line 6) and saw that a lot of the parked cars had these license plate protection locks. I *think* it’s probably because based on the numbers on your license plate, you have one day a week you can’t drive in the city.

Buddy made these itty bitty Legos.

This is what it looked like after I dropped Princess Sparkley off for girls camp. Snow!

B and I found a Mexican restaurant sort of on our side of town (Ping’anli, only about 40 minutes). It was pretty good. B even took Princess Sparkley a few weeks later because he loved the banana fingers so much.

The kids with their cousin JF’s Flat Stanley.

B and I went for what, according to the menu, was Korean food.

Squidgems is finally FINALLY free of the molluscum contagiosm rash he’s had forEVER. When I was at book club or young womens, B put Squidgems in pajamas and noticed a possible bump on  his leg he was concerned about. B was going to be asleep when I got home and we’d only have about 15 minutes together in the morning before he left for school… so, when I helped Squidgems get dressed the next morning, I found this…


Some sort of storyboard decoration on PS’s door.


We ran out of water after hours (water delivery is 8-8) so

we thought it’d be fun to see if the little liter bottle would fit.


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