China Life is an competitor. This is the JD dog our

in front of the pharmacy by our subway stop.


At Hola in the Ginza Mall at Dongzhimen subway stop… an aisle just for chocolate.

While at GMU, B had a professor whose son had ordered a bunch of the individual honey dijon chip bags online, brought them to his dad’s house on a visit and then left them. The dad/professor was trying to keep his weight down, so he’d bring them to his classes and give them away. I think I was pregnant with Squidgems at the time and B brought these home and they were SOOOO good. And then I couldn’t find them. Anywhere. I even went to the Kettle brand website an searched for my nearest store that sold them, my sister-in-law’s nearest store, etc. I couldn’t find them. Now here, in Beijing, China, I can have a bag for a mere $5.30. I guess that isn’t so bad… I just don’t spend Y32 on almost anything.

Origami and paper-cutting activity books.


American books in Chinese.


Don’t you want to climb up this scaffolding staircase?


Walking between Ganges Indian Restaurant (B’s new favorite place) and the Dongzhimen (line 2) subway stop,  there’s this itty bitty shop. Can you see it? It’s just the one window frame under the smaller yellow lettering. It’s just big enough for the one employee that’s standing inside.

Coloring books in China. It’s really hard to find a coloring book that doesn’t include a colored page to show you how you should be coloring.

Or, dot to dot guns.

And the air… the heat came on in Beijing November 15 and so begins our gross and smoggy winter…

 Sam’s Club


First time I’ve seen a giant bag of marshmallows. Marshmallows are pretty rare here.


Books I read in English I found in Chinese at Carrefour.


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