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July 2

Took Squidgems to a Chinese hospital today to have ears checked for ear infection… just too much ear wax in one ear. Cost, Y4.50 (less than $1USD) … although I think we got special treatment because the nurse/doctor for the clinic at B’s school took us to the hospital down the street with her to where she used to work.

July 6

Woohoo! Just watched the US Women’s National Soccer team win the World Cup! Yea for soccer on Chinese TV. Even if all the commentary was in Chinese.

July 13

Let the fun begin. It turns out they are remodeling the school’s cafeteria (the basement of our apartment building) over the summer. Jack-hammering carries up five stories rather well. 

July 22

Buddy, after walking into the kitchen: “Mom, what’s up with the giant swelling tomatoes that are purple?

Me: Those are eggplant.

Buddy: No, eggplant are long and skinny.

Me: Not these eggplants.

July 24

Made scones (Utah scones: http://lecremedelacrumb.com/…/fried-scones-aka-utah-scones.…) tonight to commemorate Pioneer Day (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_Day_(Utah)). Probably not a real Pioneer connection, but I think of it as a family tradition since my mom always made them for us… and it seems to be a definite Utah/Mormon thing… so, we went with it. Second time making a yeast dough in China (first time was making Naan to go with tonight’s dinner).

August 13

Huge explosion in the port town of Tianjin….It’s maybe 100 miles away… from our apartment to the port where it happened. Still a bit freaky… especially when some news agencies are reporting a mushroom cloud. Yikes!

August 17

Terrorist attack/bomb in Bangkok: 

Yikes… walked past this intersection and shrine when we were in Bangkok for Christmas

August 22

Since Buddy’s future dream job is as a fork lift operator, he and I watched cars get picked up by fork lifts and placed on tow trucks for awhile this afternoon down the street from our subway stop. All getting ready for China’s new holiday on Sept. 2-3 commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (WWII to the rest of us). Tomorrow is getting set up for being nuts and it’s just the practice parade and this is a frontage road 8 miles from Tian’anmen Square.

August 30

We just had the new neighbor boy knock on the door to see if Will and Linus could come play. We’ve never had this before… neighbors with kids. Who would have thought Beijing would have been that place for us!

Sept. 2


The lowest I’ve seen the air since we’ve been in Beijing. ‪#‎governmentholiday‬‪#‎factoriesshutdown‬

Sept. 8

My reading has slowed down now because I read a lot on the subway and right now, I’m reading Life and Death in Shanghai, which is banned in China, and I’m pretty sure last week the lady next to me was reading over my shoulder.

Sept. 14

Ten years ago today our family took a giant leap of faith and moved to Lawrence, KS. Ten years and another three cities later, somehow we’ve ended up in Beijing, China!

Sept. 21

Pretty sure I walked by an old Chinese man listening to a Chinese, instrumental version of a Bryan Adams song today. ‪#‎everythingidoidoitforyou‬

Oct. 13

Accidentally bought the “extra value meal” at lunch with B. Apparently at this Chinese fast food restaurant that means we get a glass of hot milk and a fried egg with our bowl of noodles.

Oct. 19

The rumor going around B’s Chinese high school’s campus this monring was that there is a TF Boy visiting today. (TF Boys are THE Chinese boy band right now.) The rumor at lunch time is that one of them is going to be going to school here (but not in the international department, so no chance that he’ll be B’s student).

Oct. 23

 Hi Everyone! Guess who’s riding the subway alone with her mom’s phone again? [Princess Sparkley is!!!!!!!

(P.S. If you’re reading this on the computer,Mom, I’m at Wanshoulu.)


*She rode to meet her friend Am WI and go to The Minnions movie.


Oct. 26


China craziness #92020999: I ordered a package that sent me a “it’s been shipped” notice saying to expect it 10/28. When I started tracking it, it showed that they’d tried to deliver it twice on the 24th (2 days after I ordered it) and again the next day. Eventually I had to contact the seller (through Amazon.cn, Google Translate and an email) to tell them they needed to make sure the delivery person had my phone number (delivery people aren’t allowed on the school’s campus so they call/text and we go out to the school’s gate to meet them). Today, the delivery person finally texted. It turns out the package was listed as [B’s name] followed by my Chinese phone number. So they had my number all along but never bothered to call or tell me… I was just supposed to check for a package every day for a week… I guess.

Nov. 2

Waved a Chinese Wal-Mart employee over to make sure I was getting shampoo. She nodded and then tried to get me to buy the shampoo next to what I was looking at….for five times the price.

Nov. 2

PS: I also want chicken cordon bleu for dinner.

N: Stop talking about delicious foods!

Nov. 3

Sometimes I feel like I should buy headphones to hand out to people on the subway

Life is never boring with a 3 year old. Yesterday he locked himself in my bedroom for almost an hour before B had to kick the door in. Today, I came home from the store to find out that while I was gone, he pooped in his little potty, dropped a coin in the potty, retrieved the coin and got poop on his fingers and then his chin. Fun times.


Nov. 19

So this is why everyone was late to church on Sunday:

Nov. 24

China curiosity #543678543: in the winter, they turn off all refrigeration at shops, so you go to buy a bottle of juice, soda or water expecting cool refreshment and you get room temperature (which is cool) drinks. Not horrible, but not nearly as satisfying.


Nov. 24

The two people (hard to tell if it was husband/wife or mother/son) in front of me at our Chinese grocery store (w/ two carts of groceries) just spend ¥1150. This is just under $200. I’ve never seen this the entire time I’ve been in China. Usually I have a cart piled high with stuff and everyone else is buying a meals worth of food for about $10.


Nov. 26

We’re doing Thanksgiving the old fashioned way… taking a bus, a train (subway) and a tuk tuk to get there.


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