Halloween 2015

Halloween Prep


School Halloween Party 

I told the kids maybe they should pick book characters to be… it might be easier to come up with that type of costume in China. PS jumped at the chance to be Hermione (B just finished reading the entire series to the kids over the summer). Little Guy decided he’d be Percy Jackson. Buddy was undecided and in the end said he’d just be another camper at Percy’s Camp Half-Blood. I tried to get Squidgems to be Tintin again so we’d have a book theme, but he wanted to be someone else. Finally I talked him into being a donut thinking that’d be simple in China. In the end, I decided we’d say he was Arnie the Doughnut, and then they were all book characters. Squidgems also insisted the B wear one of the chef hats we bought for PS’s costume last year and be the doughnut baker, but we couldn’t find any when it was time to go to the party.


“Trunk” or Treat at the church building

 The lion is Squidgems’s best friend, David WI.


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