Life in China

Every few months, B’s school gives all the teachers a box of fruit. Usually we are at least familiar with some of the fruit, but not always. We had to Google what these were. On the right, mangosteen and on the left, lychee.

 On a beautiful July 2. On the pedestrian bridge above Fuxing Road, one block east of the Yuquanlu subway station.The top picture is facing east, toward town. In the distance, you can see the tallest building in Beijing. The bottom picture is toward the west, toward some hills and a pagoda.


The new police substation being built outside our grocery store and McDonalds.


A puppy outside the mall at Wanshoulu subway stop.

 Sunflower seeds.




Crickets… like in Mulan! First time I’ve seen them in China.


In a subway station… not sure what it is. ??


Little Guy getting his hair cut down the street at a Chinese barber shop.


Grocery shopping. Yum!

 My friend BW just got a car (embassy family, getting a license is simple). She and I went on an adventure to find Decathlon (a French version of REI here in Beijing). On the way home we drove past short pants and the tallest building in Beijing… just down the street from her apartment. This is on 3rd ring road.


Strange Chinese stroller.

Street food: These are sort of like a waffle cone rolled into a loop. *Sort of.


Napping in Walmart? Sure, why not?

Our subway stop has a little breakfast food stand set up in the morning. It’s a delicious round fried dough with an egg fried in it and then a “sausage” and something like shredded potatoes with some green pepper and they paint some sort of sauce on the fried dough. Mmmm… so good! You can also pick chicken rather than a sausage and lettuce rather than the potato-like filling.


Sorry, I left this sideways because this is how it was on the box. Extinouiher. Awesome.


Squidgems making friends on the subway.


John Lennon purse, anyone?


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