China Life

Some of our new grocery store favorites:

A tiny car I think our entire family could fit in!

I had to take a subway ride across town to buy new air filters for our air purification machine. With all the bad air, they were busy and their one delivery guy wasn’t going to be able to deliver the filters for a week so I went and picked them up. I exited the subway in the Central Business District (CBD) right next to the building that looks like pants!

My visiting teacher took my on an adventure with her to buy cheese at a Costco-like store called Metro. After we finally made it there, this is the cheese!!!

We bought a loaf of mozzarella because it was cheapest (about $10USD if I remember correctly).

 Weird… bike?



Outside our Walmart there are always crowds of people playing Chinese chess, etc.

They released new 100 Yuan notes (new on the bottom).

Kit Kats showed up at our Walmart!  Before, we could only find imported Kit Kats at the expensive import stores on the other side of town. I couldn’t buy any for awhile though. I tried and the lady who weighs and prices the bulk candy waved me away. Eventually, a few weeks after we first spotted them, I was able to buy some. Not sure what the problem was. There are regular (but they taste different to me), dark chocolate, hazelnut, coffee/tiramisu, and almond Kit Kats here.

Ella’s new Ruby Redfort book showed up form

Grocery delivery truck squishing down the tiny alley.

2016 is the year of the monkey!


Kit Kat buying success!


The mall across the street from the school is finally filling with stores and opening 12/31!! Yea!


We did some Christmas shopping at the Pearl Market (and the shops behind it) and afterwards at at The Brown Door (just across the street – north) which I’ve heard about from people at church. It was … okay. Maybe we didn’t order well.


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