Hong Kong – Day 3



Our hotel.

Subway ride.


Across from the Nunnery is Nan Lian Garden.

Snoopy’s World!!

(3rd floor of the Sha Tin New Town Plaza Shopping Mall, Sha Tin Metro Station, exit A)

Several months ago I made a note that there was a Snoopy’s World in Hong Kong. Then I forgot about it because we had no plans to go to Hong Kong. Then, in researching stuff to do with kids in Hong Kong, I happened upon a brief mention of Snoopy’s World again. It’s not big. It’s free. It’s basically a small outside play area part of a mall. But for our Peanuts lover (Princess Sparkley) it warranted a visit by our family.

We at a late lunch in the mall. Dim sum, won ton noodles, spring rolls and BBQ pork buns. This bakery looked delicious but was a Japanese bakery, apparently and the stuff was… okay. When we tried the one near our hotel for breakfast the next morning, it had a MUCH smaller selection and was a disappointment.

Next, we visited 10,000 Buddhas Monastery at the same subway stop, just behind the Ikea.

B said to Little Guy, “count these Buddhas and if there aren’t 10,000 we’ll sue!” Little Guy responded, “I won’t count.” [later] “Buddha 173’s weird”

 B took the three big kids to the top while Squidgems and I hung out near the pagoda.

Later, B tweeted, “Me: I made it to the top of the Ten-Thousand Buddha Monastery pathway!” Buddhists: “You don’t get Buddhism, do you?”

We headed back toward Mongkok area to find food (ate eggettes -delicious bubble-like waffles, and other baked goods from food stands for “dinner”) then waited for the light show to start.

Every night over Victoria Harbor (between Hong Kong Island and the mainland part of Hong Kong) there is a light show. Look up pictures online, it’s awesome. What we saw… the worst excuse for a light show I’ve ever seen. We didn’t know it happened. I had to go ask a first aid volunteer when it was going to happen and she told me it already had. So the 20 green lights or so we saw randomly “spotlight” off the buildings were apparently the light show. We called it a night and took Star Ferry back to Hong Kong Island and our hotel… stopping for more Eggettes (egg waffles) and a place called Oddies near our hotel (we got chocolate chip and pineapple ones this time…mmmm).

A conversation between myself and B:

N: That light show was the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. B: That’s saying something ’cause you’ve seen Tonapah [Nevada]. N: Second-lamest, then.

Oddies was like a new, more modern take on eggettes (egg waffles).


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