Hong Kong – Day 5


Heading home.

Our flight wasn’t until noon or one but we’re always a bit paranoid about missing flights (maybe the LA-> Beijing flight has done that to us). Buddy and I bought breakfast and grocery shopped for airplane snacks for the world’s pickiest eater (Squidgems) and we packed up and left. The hotel shuttle took us to the airport express and from there to the airport. Once we’d checked our bags, the kids and I went through security to find our gate while B figured out where to sell back our Octopus cards and exchange our money back to Chinese Yuan. It was a little stressful being separate, waiting for a flight, and not having working phones but he found us in plenty of time and with a small child, we were among the first to board our flight. The flight home was two rows of three. B, Little Guy and Princess Sparkley sat in front of Squidgems, Buddy and I.

We arrived at the Beijing airport, went through immigration, got our luggage, rode the airport express to Dongzhimen (line 2) where we exited the station and B surprised us with his birthday (his birthday was the next day, a Sunday) dinner at his favorite restaurant, Ganges Indian Restaurant.

On the subway ride home from dinner, we split up because Little Guy needed to go to the bathroom. He and B got off and used a subway station bathroom while the rest of us stayed on the train. At our stop, I put Squidgems in the baby carrier on PS’s back and she and Buddy each wheeled one of our suitcases home and I hurried to get groceries at our grocery store which closes at 8:30 or 9 (the next day was Sunday).  B and Little Guy beat me home.

Our Hong Kong adventure was over.


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