Beijing Automobile Museum

3/15  line 9, Fengtai Technology Park stop, exit B (walk north a block and then east a block, you’ll see it) It’s just south of 4th ring road in Fengtai district. We live between 4th and 5th ring roads on the west.

Cost: Adult Y30, Kids Y20, under 120 cm = free

B’s school had a field trip to the Beijing Automobile Museum last fall and he thought it was pretty cool and worth a visit from the kids and I. The WAs drove and met us there. It was quite a trek for both us us. As soon as we got off the subway, we could tell we were in a different part of Beijing. All the skyscrapers around us were under construction.

Best part… the kids enjoyed seeing the cars, seeing escalators with glass sides so you could see how it worked, being on the “news” TV, and the tiny model of part of Beijing with plexiglass over top so they could walk around.

B told the kids there was this awesome model of Fengtai District (not all of Beijing, just the southern district we were in) on the bottom floor but that there were really tall walls so they wouldn’t be able to see it. And he warned them not to try to see if and fall to their death. The first thing the kids did was try to see the model. With Becky’s Chinese, we asked around and found out how to exit the building and go in to see the Fengtai model. Fengtai is the future! 🙂


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