China Life

Top middle: Looks like aebleskivers. They are actually a dough ball with a piece of squid in the center.

Right: These “Half-baked Cheese” cheesecakes are DELICIOUS!

Center: We were eating dinner at Pizza Hut and there were like 6 Chinese kids on the floor playing and firing disc guns all over the place… loudly. It was nuts!

Left middle: I couldn’t figure out what this sign meant… no getting drunk, no filming?? B translated it, it means to sampling!

Bottom left two tiny pictures: The grocery store all decked out for Chinese New Year and with monkeys (year of the monkey).

Chinese New Year preparations…
Top left and middle- the subway all decked out
Top right and bottom right – our alley market shut down, and most of the little shops on our street. They mark the doors with this New Year banners (the middle, upside down diamond is called fu) It’s all for good luck, etc.
The McDonald’s ice cream cone… not cherry, but peach blossom flavored. It tasted like perfume.
Bottom left: Don’t you wish your grocery store carried pre-broken eggs?!
Bottom middle: the EMPTIEST we’ve ever seen the subway. After dinner coming home from Little Guy’s baptism. It was the night before Chinese New Year’s.


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