Jingshan Park

3/10 Cost: Adult Y2, Kids Y1, 120 cm and under = free

After Behai Park we walked over to Jingshan Park. Jingshan Park overlooks the Forbidden City. Our family has visited Jingshan back when we first arrived, but the air was really smoggy so the view wasn’t great.

The kids could have played here all day, which was nice because Becky and I could just sit and chat. But then someone needed a toilet so we moved on, found the restrooms, explored the park, came back and played here more, and then found different restrooms on our way out of the park.

It was a clear day so we could see the CCTV Tower in Yuyuantan Park, the observation towers in Olympic Forest Park, the tallest building in Beijing and Short Pants.

And a much better view of the Forbidden City (which was the Chinese Imperial Palace) than last time we came.
Squidgems called Jingshan Park “broken Temple of Heavens” or “the Temple of Heaven with all the ramps.” He loves Temple of Heaven. And he loved sliding down all the ramps here like they were slides.

Top left picture here… I think it’s a coat rack for hanging coats and bags on while you exercise, dance, do tai chi, etc.

Leaving the park, Squidgems had to go potty again. He said he needed to poop so when we came across a public restroom, we went in. I had to try to hold him over a squat toilet (he now declares, “they have a potty like we have” or sometimes “they have a western potty” or “they have a quat potty” whenever we enter a Chinese bathroom) while he tooted and said he was all done. A toot! Grossest bathroom smell ever all for a tiny toot!


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