Temple Fair at Ditan Park (Temple of Earth)

2/10  Line 2, Yonghegong Lama Temple stop, exit A

The week following Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) a lot of parks/temples around town have temple fairs. It wasn’t quite what I’d been told it was, more county fair or carnival with game booths than anything else… and crowded, but it was still fun to experience. It was mostly booths selling handicrafts, food or game booths.

We met our friends the WIs (only 3/4 of her kids came) there. They are leaving at the end of March so we wanted to hang out with them as much as we could.

The Chinese woman posing with the giant gorilla above… behind the red rope, got yelled out after I snapped this picture. She crossed the rope, touched the gorilla and had food she was eating. So annoying!

We found yummy Chinese pastries. Squidgems is eating a purple sweet potato “cupcake.” I don’t think it’s technically a mooncake because those are for a festival in September… but it’s the same idea. The fish shaped one is filled with a sugary black sesame seed filling. Both were tasty. We sent some to the US for the Ps to try.

After leaving Ditan Park, we walked by Lama Temple on our way through some hutongs  (small alleys) to go to the Confucious Temple to see about a wishing tree. Admission to the Confucious Temple was higher than I’d planned for and we weren’t sure there was going to be a wishing tree to tie ribbons to, and we were tired, so we headed home.

Squidgems requested I take his picture whenever he found a little spot to sit down.

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